The Mission

Onward and F-Word is a cause dedicated to pursuing gender justice and educating our communities about the value of elevating women to an equal platform. We believe that in order for this movement to be successful, women’s contributions must be recognized by a diverse audience. While feminism has historically been disproportionately female, and white, we want to change that by saying ‘no’ to the status quo.

Our mission is to diversify the feminist movement by creating a dialogue that is accessible to everyone and to profile advocates and allies making an impact in their communities. Our ultimate goal is to create a more inclusive feminist movement that is embraced by everyone.

Onward and F-Word strives to be a space of positivity and encouragement as we celebrate the accomplishments and progress that allies and advocates have made over the years. However, we do not want to idealize the current state of women’s rights- we want to move it forward. In doing so, it is essential for the numerous social and political factors that perpetuate inequality, injustice and oppression to be part of this conversation as well. No justice can be done to the movement- or to women- if we do not attempt to dismantle the obstacles that keep us from equality.

Use your voice, use the F-Word.

Jaclyn Munson

Founder and Editor-in-Chief 


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