The Men’s Rights Movement Is On The Move

Written by Rachel Allen

The War on Women is nothing new as we are nearing closer to the year 2014  and as we begin the new year, women are faced not only with similar societal constraints of past years, but with the proliferation of the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM).

When marginalized populations gain traction through advances in social justice, opposition groups  are always formed as a means of reversing progress. In understanding that the feminist movement needs advocates of all gender identities, some feminists have taken a standpoint that converting men to being supporters of feminism is the answer to reaching the goal of social equality—this idea is non-exclusive, and is not encompassed with hate for the male race. The Men’s Rights Movement, on the other hand could be classified as a hate movement perpetuating the mistreatment of women and singles out the demographic as the sole cause to their own disdain.

MRM includes the work of the Pick-Up Artist movement, which gives tips to seduction and places advertisements stating “Bang 6 Girls a Week.” Return of Kings, “a blog for heterosexual, masculine men that aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men” is one high-traffic site and AV4M (A Voice for Men) is another, where the rising leader Hembling claims that women are incapable of moral agency, and states that he doesn’t “give a fuck about a woman being raped,.

Founders of these organizations have devoted themselves to creating a counterculture to the feminist movement, citing “feminism as the enemy, a vast conspiracy that is working tirelessly to build a Matriarchy to enslave men.” A phenomenon within the MRM movement that recently caught on encourages men to “take the red pill,” a reference to the Matrix, where the MRM believes that men are slaves to women and the feminist movement, even if they are unaware of it. The only way to freedom is to take the red pill to discover that they are in fact enslaved. This realization of enslavement allows men to “break their chains and join the freedom-fighting men,” which similarly in modern-day society equates to joining the MRM.

Extreme players within the MRM movement consistently post content that’s misogynistic promoting the “terrorization of women” as stated by MRM writer Matt Forney, supporting having sex with women who are too inebriated to give consent as stated by founder of Return of Kings, Roosh Vörek, and suggesting that if a four-year-old girl were drowning, that you let her drown because she will grow up to be a terrible woman, as stated by Zed the Zen Priest and MRM pioneer.

As women progress toward a more inclusive gender equality movement, dangerous initiatives like the MRM create social rejection,perpetuate victim blaming, and provides a platform to misogynists whose only goal is to shame women into submission

The new year is approaching  and it’s my hope that the Men’s Rights Movement realizes that through their appalling perspectives on women, they are just fueling the feminist movement, giving us more reason to stand up, speak out and say we’ve just had enough. If the MRM thinks that bashing, terrorizing, and raping women is the norm, then we’ve got to get louder. After all, feminists aren’t typically born, but made, by men who could easily be a part of the MRM.


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