“Sweetening the Pill” Misinforms on Birth Control; Lindsay Beyerstein Sets the Record Straight

Credit: addictinginfo.org

Credit: addictinginfo.org

Holly Grigg-Spall’s latest book, Sweetening the Pill: or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control, is being called out for spreading misinformation about the oral contraceptive.

Investigative journalist Lindsay Beyerstein’s amazing review of Sweetening the Pill notes,

“It would be tempting to dismiss the author as an isolated crank, but she is part of a disturbing effort to reduce women to their biological functions in the name of feminism. Sexists have been trying to reduce women to incubators since time immemorial, but recently some self-proclaimed feminists have jumped on the bandwagon, arguing that true liberation means being left alone to experience feminine bodily functions like ovulation, childbirth, and breast-feeding in all their natural glory. To these “feminists,” tampons and epidurals are keeping women down. And now, the birth control pill is, too.”

Read the full article at Slate.


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