Thank You

Dear Readers, Followers & Freedom Fighters,

As Onward and F-Word moves onward and upward, I wanted to dedicate a post to everyone who has been and continues to be so supportive of my ventures in writing and activism. I appreciate the encourgement and support more than I can express and I am eternally grateful to everyone who has helped make the last few months possible.

Thank you to my amazing friends and family (y’all know who you are, and I love you all!); Liz Plank and Jake Horowitz at PolicyMic and Andrew Kirk, Prisca Bae and Katie Baker from Newsweek/The Daily Beast for giving me a voice and platform; Sam Eschenbrenner for years of great support and advice; Darbi Worley for countless moments of encouragement and planting the idea in my head that I might write a book someday (and guess what, I’ve decided it will happen soon!), to my 30/60/90 family for being an INCREDIBLE source of support and inspiration, not just with my writing but in all aspects of my life, and to Lindsay B. Davis for her contributions to this site and thoughtful wisdom.

If I have forgotten anyone, it is not my intention but rather a side effect of not having had coffee in 3 days. Yikes.

So, THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU for following, listening, reading and talking. There is no expiration date for challenging sexism and I will continue to write until I die or develop Carpel tunnel. Whichever comes first.

Peace love and gender equality,



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